PlayHappy Cafe

2017 - 2018 

Managed the conceptualization, creation, design and installation of play area;
Developed and painted various wall and posters art.

Remaking Bollywood movie poster in Photoshop

T-Shirt design, collaboration with @SuleyEra and Caitin Stickels


Caitin on Instagram: Caitin Stickels

Merchandise page: T-shirts

Collaboration with @SuleyEra

Lyrics by Gene Aaron, Solar Quantum. 

Production: @SuleyEra 
Producer: @YuliyaSuley 
Model: @shayna247 
Hair & MUP: @make_up_by_nana 
Leather choker by @luminitajewelrybydesign 
Corset by @houseof1000corsets


Made a unique t-shirt design for @PolakGuitars converting photos of their product into graphic prints

The Polak Guitars company specializes in building custom made guitars and bass guitars. "We design our custom built guitars as serial models and according to buyer's special requirements and needs." -

Created a logotype for the main vocalist of @SolarQuantumBand - Lina Light

Solar Quantum is a prog rock band from Seattle. "Our music is a fusion of many styles from classic rock, art, folk, pop-rock, to heavy metal."


Collaboration with a russian writer as a book illustrator.


Collaboration with argentinian designer - Diego Antico. 'Lizzo' comics.

Collaboration; the development of the contiguous territory of Bellevue college, stand, fountain.

Summer 2015.

University project of country house and adjacent land.

January 2015.

University project of astronomical center 'Quasar'


University projects of stands

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