Hello, I am Yana.
I get my inspiration all over the world.

About me

I was born in Ashgabat, the city of white marbles. Art - it is everything in my nothing. On our earth there is only one race -people. But not everyone can see it and understand. I would like to show it with my art. No politics, no authority and no rules, those are all our inventions. Our nature is just a reflection of a culture that already exists, we don’t think if it's right or wrong. We are used to living within the limits of society. I want you try to look at it from the other side and beyond. J'accuse.
*J'accuse - french for "I accuse;" used especially to condemn a major social injustice.


Moscow State University of Design and Technology


environmental and industry design

interior design

landscape design

graphic (black-and-white) art

easel painting (acrylic, gouache, watercolor, pastel)

folk, antique, historical, collage, classical, modern, primitive, decorative art

plastic art (sculpture modeling, clay crafting)

layout art

soldering art

stained glass art

mosaic art

mural art

computer-aided design (Corel, Photoshop, 3ds Max, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Floorplan)

building regulations (technical guidance documents)

Art courses in Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and Industry


easel painting (acrylic, gouache, watercolor)

graphic (black-and-white) art

environmental and industry design

history of world art and culture

Art School of Noginsk

2005 - 2010

graphic (black-and-white) art

easel painting

folk art

antique art

scenery art

plein-air (technique in the open air)

sculpture modeling

decorative art

caricature art


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